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Guangdong Rong Ya packaging industry Co., Ltd. is specializing in the production of disposable food packaging plastic containers company. In 2011, the company became a supplier of tableware packages for Shenzhen Universiade, and provided many catering enterprises both at home and abroad. The company's products are mainly PP, PS, PET, BOPS materials, finished products, food packaging containers. All raw materials meet the national food hygiene standards, lunch boxes, soup bowls, trays, plastic cups and tableware, tableware packages, tableware series, the use of biodegradable environmental protection materials (PP material). Various bread boxes and food boxes made of BOPS have become the preferred environmental protection materials in developed countries because of their high transparency and good anti fogging properties. The company has the ability to develop all kinds of mold, according to customer demand design all kinds of new packaging containers, welcome to negotiate! And in the cups and bowls, tableware package printing edition. The company's product sales throughout the country more than 10 provinces and cities, the products are widely used in restaurants, chain restaurants, dessert, and enterprises, supermarket, railway, aviation, canteen, University of large foreign enterprises and government etc.. The company has always adhere to the "quality of survival" approach, to strengthen internal management, adhere to the "customer-centric, market-oriented" business philosophy, and constantly improve the level of product innovation, to create greater economic benefits and market competitiveness for customers.

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