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Guangdong RongYa Packaging products co., LTD., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of disposable food packaging plastic containers. In 2011 [Shenzhen Universiade] cutlery package exclusive production suppliers, and serves a number of domestic and foreign well-known catering enterprises. The company's products are mainly for PP, PS, PET, BOPS material manufactured goods, food packaging container. All the raw materials meet the national food hygiene standards, lunch boxes, soup bowls, trays, plastic cups and cutlery, tableware bags, tableware series, is biodegradable and environmentally friendly materials (PP material). Sections of the bread box, food box made of BOPS its high transparency and good anti-fog developed countries preferred environmentally friendly materials. The company has the ability to develop all kinds of mold, all kinds of new packaging container can be designed according to customer demand, welcome to negotiate! And cups and bowls, cutlery package special edition printing. Product sales of the company is now more than a dozen provinces and cities throughout the country, the products are widely used in restaurants, a chain of fast food restaurants, dessert, and enterprises and institutions, canteens and supermarkets, railway, aviation, universities, large-scale foreign-funded enterprises, government agencies and so on. The company has consistently adhered to the principle of "quality of survival", strengthen internal management, adhere to the "customer-centric, market-oriented" business purpose, and constantly improve the level of technological innovation, to create greater economic efficiency and market competitiveness.

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